The H&S General Education Subcommittee is the faculty subcommittee responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, and assessment of the integrative core curriculum (ICC) in H&S, including the Complementary Liberal Arts component of the ICC, and the H&S school-wide ICC capstone course IISP 49800.

The General Education Subcommittee members for 2021-22 are:

  • Peter Martin (Education)
  • Mary Lourdes Silva (Writing)
  • Julia Cozzarelli (World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)

Complementary Liberal Arts in H&S - A Focused Academic Exploration

In H&S, faculty have designed the CLA to provide a focused academic exploration for students in all H&S majors. This exploration prepares students to become informed citizens in the world – reflective practitioners who search for (and know how to search for) knowledge, who critically evaluate that knowledge, and who actively participate in society, putting their knowledge in service of the collective good.

For an FAQ with advising information about the CLA, and for information about the process for students to declare their CLA, consult the CLA section of the H&S Academic Advising website. The link to the online Planning Statement that students must submit to select their CLA option can also be found there.

For any further questions regarding the CLA please email hscla@ithaca.edu

H&S Core Curriculum Capstone

Most H&S students take their ICC capstone course in their own department, but they also have the option to take IISP 49800 the H&S Core Curriculum Capstone to satisfy this requirement. This capstone course satisfies the ICC capstone requirement, and is intended for H&S students whose programs or departments do not offer a capstone course through the major, or who are unable to fit the department-based course into their schedules.

The H&S school-wide capstone course is overseen the the H&S General Education committee and the H&S Dean's office. We typically offer two sections each fall, and between 4 and 6 sections each spring, and every year, we solicit H&S faculty members to teach these sections. Each section of this one-credit, graded course is capped at 18-20 students. Scheduling the format and time of these sections is flexible, but it is important that we provide a number of formats and a number of sections outside of prime time, to facilitate enrollment for the wide variety of students who need this course. We encourage faculty interested in this teaching opportunity to incorporate this course into their flexible faculty workload plans, but overload compensation is a possibility.

If you are interested in teaching a section of IISP 49800, or would like more information, please contact Associate Dean Stacia Zabusky (szabusky@ithaca.edu).