Graduate Study in Education

Ithaca College offers graduate programs in education designed to prepare academically-talented liberal arts graduates for careers as teachers.

Master’s Degrees Offered

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

  • Adolescence Education: Initial certification for middle school and high school teaching, grades 7-12, in English, social studies, world languages (French and Spanish), mathematics, and sciences (biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics)
  • Agriculture Education: Initial certification in agriculture education, grades K-12

Master of Science (M.S.)

  • Childhood Education: Initial certification for elementary school teaching, grades 1-6

Students are admitted in cohort groups each year and participate together in rigorous coursework and extensive field experiences. Our programs are full-time, one-year programs that begin in late May; just 12-13 months later, our graduates have earned their master’s degrees and eligibility for certification.

The M.A.T. and M.S. programs are approved by and registered with the New York State Education Department -- and with certification reciprocity agreements with more than 30 other states and jurisdictions, our programs open doors to classrooms all over the country.

Preference is given to applicants whose files are complete by March 19.  

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until May 1.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Peter Martin
Chair, Graduate Programs in Education