Supportive mentors provide guided exploration.

Everyone knows a journey is more enjoyable with knowledgeable guides, and the Pathways Program supports you with various kinds of advisors who understand and appreciate where you are and where you hope to go.

  • Your faculty advisor—a professor in one of your academic areas of interest—will get to know you as a student and a person so they can help you choose courses in the future.
  • Current and former Explorers serve as peer mentors and host weekly conversation hours. Some of these will be in person, and some may be virtual, depending on needs and availability of individuals.
  • Prof. Jessye Cohen-Filipic and Katie Marks, Directors of the H&S Pathways Program, organizes weekly office hours and events just for Pathways students.
  • Dean Amy O'Dowd, Associate Dean for Student Services, helps Pathways students navigate transfers between majors, departments and schools.

During the summer before you arrive at IC, you can expect to receive informational e-mails.

Worried about making a mistake? Never fear! When you arrive on campus for Fall Orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Pathways Staff/Faculty member and/or Peer Ambassadors & Leaders (PALs) to review your schedule. During these sessions, we will help you finalize your weekly plan to make sure you are ready for the first day of classes. 

Once you select a major (whether that is during your first semester or your fourth semester), you will transfer to a faculty advisor who is an expert in your chosen field. Until then, welcome home! We are proud to have you as a member of our community!