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Winter Session is for Everyone

A overhead picture of the Ithaca College campus in winter.

Winter at Ithaca College is full of learning.

Whether you are a full-time Ithaca College student, an Alumnx, or a Community Member, there's something for everyone at Ithaca College over the winter session.

Current Full-Time Ithaca College Students

Take the next steps to achieve your learning goals during Winter Session 2024. Gain extra credits (fulfill those ICC, major, or minor requirements), improve your GPA, or complete your degree. Earn 3 or 4 credits online in an intensive three-week course from the warmth of your home ... all for $600 per credit. Or, expand your worldview with an international immersion experience as part of a short-term study abroad program. Learn more here.

IMPORTANT DROP DEADLINE - January 02, 2024 (by 5 p.m.) is the DROP DEADLINE for Winter Session 2024. You must drop your course by that time or you will be charged for your course. Drop your winter session course as you would your fall/spring courses.

Since winter session courses are run in a condensed, three-week format, the add/drop date is very early. Students must complete the Registrar’s process for dropping courses if they want to drop at the end of the first day. Please understand that withdrawing is NOT the same as dropping.

Non-Ithaca College Students (Extramural or Ithaca College-Cornell-Wells College Exchange Program)

Ithaca College invites individuals to enroll on a non-degree (extramural) basis in our undergraduate and graduate courses. Whatever your circumstances or educational goals, extramural study at Ithaca College can be an important step forward into a new future and a new you.  Learn more here.


Auditing is not available during our winter and summer sessions.

However, for the fall and spring semesters auditing is a great way for you to attend classes without receiving college credit. The notation "AU" will appear on your transcript. Since no credit is earned, the course cannot be transferred to another college. You may audit a class if space is available and the instructor gives permission. The Roy H. Park School of Communications requires that you obtain departmental approval to audit lab or production courses. Summer and winter session courses may not be audited, although graduate-level music workshops may be taken during the summer on a noncredit basis at a reduced rate. Learn more here. Learn more here.