What matters in my application?

All pieces of your application are important to us. We take into account everything you submit. We are most focused on the rigor of your curriculum and the level of success that you’ve demonstrated in your academic work. We suggest that you select the most appropriately rigorous (i.e. where you will be successful) curriculum that your school offers.

We encourage you to consider taking challenging coursework including Dual Enrollment (high school courses affiliated with an accredited college or university), Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses. Ithaca College grants college credit for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, based on your demonstrated level of achievement on the associated exam. Ithaca College will review your Dual Enrollment coursework to determine transfer credit eligibility.

For programs in music or theatre arts that require a prescreening submission, audition, or interview, talent is an important factor.

Ithaca College is test optional

In most cases, we give you the choice to submit your SAT or ACT scores, or to withhold them from consideration altogether. Please review our Test Optional policy for additional information. 

Your involvement counts

We recognize that how you spend your time when you’re not in class is an important aspect of what makes you unique. We also believe that the strongest campus community is created by individuals who bring different perspectives, backgrounds, and interests with them.

We value your extracurricular involvement, work experience, leadership, service, civic engagement, and individual contributions to your family. We’re excited to learn more about your passions, interests, and personal experiences.

Ithaca College strives to set the standard as an active and inclusive residential learning community, and encourages our students, faculty, staff and alumni to share the responsibilities of citizenship and service in the global community. We encourage free expression and constructive dialogue that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, and applaud students who seek to make the world a better place.

Letters of recommendation

We require one letter of recommendation either from your school counselor or an academic teacher. Recommendation letters provide helpful information about your academic and personal accomplishments. They also help us better understand you as a student, your interests, your school experiences, and what you hope to accomplish in college. When considering who to ask to write a letter for you, ask someone who knows you well and who will share information that we won’t already learn through the other parts of your application. You are welcome to submit more than the one required letter, and you may ask other supporters in your life (like a coach, employer, or club leader) to provide a recommendation.  

Engage with IC!

The students who are most successful at Ithaca College have taken steps to engage with our community long before they set foot on campus for orientation. For this reason, we invite you to connect with us in as many ways as you can, so you can make the most informed choice about Ithaca College. Connect with us, join us for a virtual visit, and contact your admission counselor with any questions you may have!

Special circumstances

We review admission applications holistically and understand that some applicants may experience circumstances beyond their control that have a negative impact on their academic opportunities, performance, and progress. Some of those circumstances—such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, trauma, and matters of personal or a family member's health and well-being—may be particularly disruptive to a student's academic experience and/or college search and application process. We are committed to working collaboratively with students and their school counselors while keeping each student's interests and future success at the forefront of our admission review process.