Music and theatre programs have audition or interview requirements.

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Audition requirements for applicants to music majors
Audition/interview requirements for theatre arts applicants (including musical theatre)

The regular admission deadline for the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance is December 1. 

  • Applicants to the musical theatre and acting programs may only apply regular decision (early decision and early action are not options). 
  • Applicants to the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance cannot apply early action.
  • Applicants to the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance may only apply for fall admission.


Students applying for admission to the Art Department are not required to submit a portfolio with their application, but have the option to do so. If a student chooses to submit a portfolio, a faculty member will review it and forward a recommendation to IC's Office of Admission.

Portfolios may be submitted by emailing a link to; or you can mail a CD of images to:

Department of Art
Ceracche Building, Ithaca College
953 Danby Rd.
Ithaca NY 13864

Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want the portfolio to be returned.

School of Business

We recommend that applicants to majors in the School of Business complete at least three years of high school mathematics, with algebra taken at the highest level possible. Transfer students should note that the last 48 credits and at least 50 percent of the coursework in the business administration or accounting major must be completed at Ithaca College. Further details regarding transfer credit eligibility may be found in the Ithaca College undergraduate catalog.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Applicants to physical therapy and occupational therapy must complete a minimum of three years of high school mathematics and one year each of biology and chemistry. In addition, one year of physics is strongly recommended for prospective physical therapy students. 

Applicants to physical therapy and occupational therapy should be able to demonstrate knowledge of their chosen profession. Ithaca College encourages prospective PT and OT students to complete a shadowing or volunteer experience with a professional in their field. Applicants to the physical therapy program must also be able to perform the functions described in the document Department of Physical Therapy Essential Functions for Physical Therapy Practice

STEM Disciplines

If you are considering a major in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science, we recommend a minimum of three years of high school science and mathematics. 

World Languages and Literatures

We recommend that applicants to majors in world languages and literatures complete at least two full years of high school study of a modern language.