Limitations of use of email:

Staff members of the Center for Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) welcome your contact.  We also value your privacy and want you to be aware of the limitations of the use of email. 

Confidentiality is essential to the counseling process, and because email is not a secure medium, we discourage its use.  Please understand that counselors cannot deliver a detailed response to your correspondence if it potentially violates your confidentiality.

Email is not an appropriate medium for personal counseling.  If you are seeking personal counseling, or wish to consult about a friend, please call (607-274-3136).

Staff members will read and respond to emails when CAPS is open.  In addition, staff members may be away from the office for a variety of reasons, and so, your message may not be read immediately.  If you have time-sensitive information, please call or come by our office.

Staff members will reply to the address from which the message sent.  If you do not wish others who may have access to the email account you are using to read our response, please consider other means of contacting us.

Finally, the College reserves the right to monitor our email usage and may see your message and its contents.  If you have concerns about privacy, please call or come by our office located in the lower level of Hammond Health Building.