Group Therapy & Support Groups

CAPS at IC has a dynamic group therapy program. Group therapy is an opportunity for students to explore more clearly the ​untapped emotional, relational, and rational patterns as well as systemic barriers that impact our daily lives. Processing our inner experiences in the presence of peers is a powerful way to explore oneself in relation to others.

For many mental health concerns, group therapy is the preferred treatment. CAPS clinicians will make therapy recommendations based on clinical judgment, a clinical assessment, and each individual’s unique mental health needs.

Joining a Group 

  • If you are already seeing a counselor at CAPS, you can discuss with them your interest in joining a group.
  • Call 607-274-3136 or email the specific group counselor (see group listings) to inquire about joining a group. You may be required to attend a brief 30-minute group orientation to learn what to expect and to see if the group is the right one for you.
  • At the time of your group appointment or orientation, please sign-in at the front desk before making your way to the group room. For virtual groups, you can access the secure Zoom link in your CAPS portal.
CAPS Groups Spring 2024
The power of a weekly process group or a drop-in support group through meaningful connection, encouragement, and feedback.
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