ICARE and Behaviors of Concern

If you would like Ithaca College to reach out to a student that you're concerned about, the ICare Team may be able to help.  The ICARE team is comprised of staff from multiple student-service offices and is focused on early identification of, and providing supportive outreach to, students in distress.  Any member of the IC community (parents, students, staff, or faculty) is encouraged to use the online ICare Report if they would like to access help for a student in distress.  The ICare report is sent to the Center for ICare and Student Support and a case manager (trained in mental health and/or academic success intervention) will reach out to the student and offer support.  The ICare webpage has guidelines for identifying behaviors of concern for a student that may lead to an ICare referral. 

If you have concerns about a student's immediate safety, call the Office of Public Safety, 607-274-3333.