I joined the CAPS team after working in community mental health, school-based mental health services, and therapeutic residential programs. I earned my BA in English from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and my Masters in Social Work from Binghamton University.

Therapy, to me, is about making change in one's thinking, feeling, and doing. In therapy, I invest in the therapeutic relationship between me and my client and offer choices in talk therapy and structured, skill-based interventions. My practice is informed by cognitive (CBT, DBT) and experiential (AEDP, EMDR) therapies. 

Professionally, I am interested in intersectionality, trauma, resilience, and using one's personal power in everyday life. I acknowledge experiences of race, class, gender identity, sexual identity, and ableism in therapy sessions with clients; and in my personal life, I educate myself about historical oppressions and other forms of bias.

During the pandemic, I have been taking care of myself by monitoring my basic mental health needs (sleep, movement, nutrition, hydration); making hot cocoa and bread from scratch; re-watching favorite shows on Netflix; drawing; painting; hiking; playing card and word games; meeting new people at a safe distance; and enjoying campfires outdoors, in all seasons.