Faculty of Color Equity Fund

The Faculty of Color Equity Fund supports the professional development of faculty of color in ways that supplement other resources available through departments, schools, and the Provost’s Office.

Criteria include:

  • potential contribution to the individual faculty member’s professional development
  • potential impact for the department, school, and/or college
  • preference to new/early career faculty
  • preference to those who have not been funded previously


  • maximum of $1,000 per individual per year
  • a supplement, not replacement for department/school or other grants (e.g., department travel funds, IDF grants)
  • examples: travel; writing support; special workshops (beyond typical disciplinary conferences)
  • reviewed on a rolling basis rather than a specific deadline; first-come first-served until the fund is exhausted
  • requests reviewed and amount of funding determined by the CFE Director and Assistant Director
  • a letter of support from one’s department chair or program director may be included, and may be requested by the CFE Director if not included, to clarify the contribution of the proposed activity to one’s professional development


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis during the academic year.