David Gondek

Associate Professor, Biology
School: School of Humanities and Sciences



Spring 2021:

  • BOL-10100        Plagues and People
  • BIOL-40400       Immunology

Previously Taught:

  • BIOL-10100      Plagues & Peoples
  • BIOL-10310       New and Emerging Diseases:
  • BIOL-11900      Fundamentals of Biology Labs
  • BIOL-12100       Principles of Biology Molecular-Cell: Lecture and Lab
  • BIOL-12200       Principles of Biology Eco Evo: Lab
  • BIOL-35200       Microbiology Lecture and Labs
  • BIOL-35400       Cell Biology Labs
  • BIOL-41400       Capstone in Biology
  • BIOC-41000      Experimental Biochemistry (Block 2)
  • BIOC-48100      Current Topics in Biochemistry (Block I)
  • IISP-10500        Exploring the Options:  
  • ICSM-10500      Inquiring Minds: 
  • ICSM-10508      Seeing Further

Description of Courses


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