David Gondek

Associate Professor, Biology
School: School of Humanities and Sciences



External Funding

NIH Research Enhancement Award (R15) 2019-2022

            D. Gondek-PI                                                                               

American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2018

            E. Chebichev – Bio 19’           

Institutional Funding

DANA Student Scholarship 2019

E. Shelly – Bio 20’                                                                         

“Role of Probiotics/Prebiotics in microbial diversity and Chlamydia infectivity”

Research Enhancement Award (REACH)  2019

D. Gondek and I. Julian – Bio 20’                                       

 “Preliminary Data on Chlamydia immunity – for NIH R15 submission”

DANA Student Scholarship 2017

E. Chebichev – Bio 19’                                                              

“Discovery of Type three secretion Chlamydia virulence factors via Y2H”

DANA Student Scholarship 2015

B. DiFabio -Bioc 18’                                                                       

“Role of Mcl1 anti-apoptotic factor in Chlamydia pathogenesis”

Institutional Development Fund  2015   

D. Gondek & H. Grazul -Bio 17’                                                    

“Examining the role of probiotics in blocking opportunistic pathogens”

Ford Funds and Endowed Funds of the Biology Dept 2014

E. Nelton – Bio 15’

“Impact of apoptosis on Chlamydia growth”                           

 K. Delaney – Bio 15’

“Localization of Chlamydia effectors to the mitochondria”     

Institutional Development Fund 2013   

D. Gondek & D. Lessard -Bio 14’                                           

“Investigating Chlamydia trachomatis as a model for emerging infectious disease”

DANA Student Scholarship  2013

J. Messingger-Bioc 14’                                                        

“Chlamydia growth across species boundaries”

Educational Grant Initiative 2012

 S. Haugen-Bioc 13’                                                                    

“Host Pathogen interactions in freshwater Amoeba”