Steven Mauk

Professor Emeritus, Music Performance



"Teaching Through Technology," March/April 2011

"Scheduling For Success," January/February 2011

"Paule Maurice's Tableau de Provence," September/October 2010
"Altissimo Register Attacks," July/August 2010

"Variety In The Private lesson Routine," November/December 2009

"The Universal Method Book Revisited," July/August 2009

"Performance Concentration: A Daily Routine," May/June 2009

"Professional Stage Presence," March/April 2009

"Multiphonics: Meaning Many Sounds," January/February 2009

"Success At The Solo Festival," September/October 2008

"Solving Mouthpiece Moisture Problems," March/April 2008

"Beginning Soprano Saxophone Techniques," January/February 2008

 “We Sing To Each Other by Dana Wilson,” Master class article & CD, September/October 2007

"Teaching Score Preparation," May/June 2007

"Memorizing Scale Patterns," March/April 2007

"Finger Placement Technique: Fixing Bad Habits," January/February 2007

"Tonal Matching Over The Saxophone Break,” November/December 2006

"Using Palm Keys As Alternate Fingerings," September/October 2006

"Palm Key Hand Position," July/August 2006

"Comparing Styles Of Saxophone Playing: Band, Solo, Jazz Ensemble,” March/April 2006

"Teaching Pitch Bends - Jaw & Finger," January/February 2006

"Teaching Musicality," November/December 2005

"Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright... ," September/October 2005

"Bad Habits Checklist," July/August 2005

"A Guide For Memory Mapping For Learning Repertoire," March/ Aprili2005

"Masterclass Lesson: Lawson Lunde's Sonata," November/December 2004

"Teaching Flutter Tonguing," September/October 2004

“Saxophone Reeds: Selection, Placement, Adjustment," July/August 2004

"A Daily Practice Planner," March/April 2004

"Saxophone Housekeeping: Reeds, Mouthpieces, Embouchure," September/October 2003

"Teaching Students: Attention To Details," March/April 2003

"Teaching Performance Skills," November/December 2002

"Four Steps To Musical Maturity," November/December 2001

"Mastering Quarter Note Triples," July/August 2000

“Bis Bb with a Twist," January/ February 2000
"Tenor Troublesome G," November/December 1999
"The Covered C# Fingering," September/October 1999
A master class article on the Milhaud Scaramouche, including a compact disc with a performance of the work with piano accompaniment, a piano accompaniment with no solo part (play-along version), and master class commentary; January/ February 1999
"A Master Lesson on Walter Hartley Duo," September/October 1998
CD Review - The Zagreb Saxophone Quartet CD, May/June 1998
"The Saxophonist’s Survival Kit,"  March/ April 1998.
"Preparing for the College Audition-Part II," January/ February 1998
"Preparing for the College Audition-Part I," November/December 1997
"A Master Lesson on Ryo Noda Improvisation 1," September/October 1997

A master class article on the Lennon Distances Within Me, including a compact disc with a performance of the work with piano accompaniment, a piano accompaniment with no solo part (play-along version), and master class commentary; July/August 1997
"Make the Metronome Your Friend," March/ April 1997
"A Recitalist's Checklist-Part I & II," November/December 1996 and January/ February 1997
"Heitor Villa-Lobos' Fantasia," July/August 1996

A master class article on the Glazounov Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra, including a compact disc with a performance of the work with piano accompaniment, a piano accompaniment with no solo part (play-along version), and master class commentary; March/ April 1996
"Desenclos Prelude, Cadence et Finale,” January/ February 1996
"Preparing for the Private Lesson," November/December 1995.
"Bernard Heiden Sonata for Alto Saxophone," July/August 1995
"A Secret Weapon for Low Note Attacks," May/June 1995
"Eugene Bozza Improvisation and Caprice," November/December 1994
"Robert Muczynski Sonata for Alto Sax and Piano," September/October 1994
"Walter Hartley Poem for Tenor Sax and Piano," July/August 1994.
"Paul Bonneau Caprice en Forme de Valse," May/June 1994
"Master Lesson on Creston Sonata," March/April 1994
"Master Lesson on Laniter Sicilienne," January/ February 1994
"A Master Lesson on Bozza Aria," September/October 1993
"Teaching Students to Sight-Read," July/August 1993
"Advanced Intonation Training," March/April 1993
"Beginning Intonation Training," January/ February 1993
"How to Play Low Notes," November/December 1992
"Teaching Students How to Play Fast," July/August 1992
"Teaching Melodic Minor Scales," May/June 1992
"Teaching Students to Play with Intensity," March/April 1992
"Alternate Fingerings: The Basics," November/December 1991
"Teaching Students to Listen," September/October 1991
"Teaching Proper Body Position.," May/June 1991
"The Flick Trick,"  March/April 1991
"The Daily Warm-Up," January/ February 1991
"Fast Air, Slow Air/Warm Air, Cold Air," November/December 1990
"Beginning the Saxophone Vibrato," September/October 1990
"The Baritone Saxophone Lesson," July/August 1990
"Teaching Students How to Practice," May/June 1990
"Unaccompanied Music for Saxophone,"  April 1990
"Developing the Saxophone Tone: Part Three,"  March/April 1990
"Developing the Saxophone Tone: Part Two," November/December 1989
"Developing the Saxophone Tone: Part One," September/October 1989
"Teaching Students to Slap Tongue," July/August 1989


Music Review - Del Borgo, Quartet for Saxophones, Spring 1990
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Music Library Association, NOTES

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