Peter Melcher

Professor, Biology



Fall 2020

  • Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Lecture and Labs

Spring 2021

  • Plants, People and Food Production

Winter 2021; January 4-15

  • Life in the Ocean

Others Previously Taught:

  • Biology of Sex
  • Communicating Biology
  • Ecophysiology
  • Essentials of Biology (on-line, Summer Session)
  • Experiences in Biology (Winter Session)
  • Fundamentals of Biology I Lab
  • Fundamentals of Biology II Lab
  • General Ecology and Labs
  • Intermediate Honors Seminar:  Alternative Futures
  • Life in the Ocean
  • Literature in Biology
  • Plant Physiology and Lab
  • Principles of Biology: Ecology and Evolution Lecture and Lab
  • Special Topics:Biology of Oceanic Islands
  • Senior Seminar Series

Class at Sea

Description of Courses


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