Susan Swensen Witherup

Professor, Biology


*undergraduate co-author

*Ryan, L. *Longwich, A., Witherup Swensen, S. 2014. Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Gurania (Cucurbitaceae): effect of alignment on topology.  Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. San Juan, PR, June 8-12.

Witherup Swensen, S., *Longwich, A., Condon, M. 2013. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genus Gurania (Cucurbitaceae) and comparison with morphological views of this genus. Botany 2013 (Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of America) New Orleans, LA, July 27-31.

*Longwich, A., Witherup Swensen, S., Condon, M. 2011. Neotropical cucumbers: phylogenetic reconstruction of the genus Gurania.. Botany 2011 (Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of America) St. Louis, MO, July 9-13.

Swensen, S., S. Allen-Gil, M. Brown, & M. Darling.  2010.  goCARTs: Driving Learning Through Climate Action Plan Implementation. Association for the Advancement for the Sustainability in Higher Education.  Denver, CO. Oct 10-12.

*Noonan, K., S. Swensen & M. Condon, 2010. Uncovering the mystery of evolutionary relationship in Gurania, a netoropical vine.  UMass Amherst Plant Biology Symposium Oct 2. [poster presentation]

Co-organizer of the Finger Lakes Workshop. Ithaca College, NY.  May 2009.  View the video of the news clip by "Good Morning Twin Tiers".

“Discovering Tropical Biodiversity".  Physics Seminar Series.  Ithaca College, NY.  September 2008.

Marian Brown (Provost's Office)  and I presented a series of ten posters entitled "Exploring Positive Growth: The Sustainability Initiative at Ithaca College."  The conference, "Greening of the Campus VII" was held at Ball State University,  Muncie, IN. September 2007. View the full report as a PDF here.

Ithaca College has undertaken a campus-wide sustainability initiative with three major areas of focus: faculty research into related fields of study and active support for curriculum modification to infuse considerations of sustainability into courses across disciplines; campus operational reforms to become more sustainable and to provide a supportive living-learning environment that models the theory and principles presented in our classrooms; and communication within our campus community and outreach to our surrounding community in the region. We will offer a comprehensive poster session that includes presentations and displays from all the various participants involved in the Ithaca College sustainability initiative; this will include (but not be limited to) each of the following related programs and activities: Curriculum and Research, Campus Operations, and Communication and Outreach.