Zenon Wasyliw

Professor, History


Current Projects

"Soviet Culture in the Ukrainian Village: the Transformation of Everyday Life and Values, 1921-1928" 

"Thematic and Interactive Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Study and Teaching of 20th and 21st Century Global History" 

"Holodomor Studies in the Secondary School Social Studies Curriculum: Comparative Curriculums and the Inclusion of Critical Thinking and Pedagogy"

"Soviet Secular Holidays and Rituals in the Ukrainian Countryside: Peaceful Transitions during the NEP Era, 1921-1928"

"Orthodox Church Divisions in Independent Ukraine and the Construction of Civil Society"

"Gerontology, History and Civic Engagement in the Public School Curriculum: Social Studies 7-12" 

"Transatlantic Consortia for Educational Exchange and Civic Engagement" 

"A Comparative Study of East Slavic Ethnic Communities and Cultures in the Pennsylvania Anthracite Region and Central Upstate New York, 1880-2000"

"Comparative Transnational Identities: The Ukrainian Orthodox and Ukrainian Greek Catholic Churches in Ukraine and the Diaspora in the 20th and 21st Centuries"