2017 ACR Abstracts: Clinical Research Showcase

The Department of Physical Therapy is holding a night to showcase our graduating DPT students and their research in our capstone course Advanced Clinical Reasoning. The outcome of the course is to use evidence based practices to identify and address gaps in patient care, clinical intervention or specific patient populations. The event will take place on Friday, May 5th 4:00-6:00 pm, Ithaca College, Emerson Suites A

The Effect of Neural Tension on Pressure Pain Threshold

Students: Nicholas Athanasatos, Stefanie Cramer, Alison Fischbach, Aimee Karl, Liam Kavin, Kelly Pantason, Delaney Pfohl

Mentor: Dr. Barb Belyea

Shoulder Range of Motion Deficits in Throwers

Students: Joseph Armeli, Joseph Bello, Geena Brady, Kevin Davie, Abby Gray, Alexander Karman, Nicholas LeClair

Mentor: Dr. Karl Bergmann

Tai Chi (Taiji) in Chronic Pain Management

Students: Sarah Barkley, Joseph Gallager, Myriah LaTourette, Cristobal Maya, Christopher McKallen, Kimberly Myers, Jessica Reichl

Mentor: Dr. Michael Costello

The Effect of Exercise on the Progression of Parkinson Disease: An Observational Study

Students: Morgan Barron, Sara Bellanca, Sarah Frizzell, Nicole O’Brien, Joshua Skowronski, Nicolette Standera, Hannah Wright

Mentor: Dr. Sarah Fishel

A Comparison of Vestibular Rehabilitation Progressions for Vertigo caused by Different Diagnoses

Students: Alexandra Cherin, Meredith Harris, Michelle LiTrenta, Casey Tarpey, Alexandra Tracy, Jessica Warren, Andrew Wolfanger

Mentor: Dr. Laura Gras

Pain Mechanism Classification of Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain Presenting to an Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic

Students: Emily Bonin, Honora Demott-Grady, Eliza Dewart, Sarah Peffley, Joseph Ricotta, Rachel Shelly, Catherine Tracy

Mentor: Dr. Alison Helmetsie

The Effects of an 8-Week Interdisciplinary Exercise Program on Cancer Survivors: A Case Series

Students: Cierra Barnes Hulbert, Sara Brown, Jenna Danko, Rachel Gray, Matthew Koval, Nicole Sorrentino, Veronika Todd

Mentor: Dr. Jill Mayer

Comparing the Effects of Aquatics vs. Land Based Balance-Training Program on Female Collegiate Athletes

Students: Meghan Cass, Mariel Kunnapas, Alexandra Lewis, Caitlyn Maskell, Alyssa Milazzo, Adam Tamburello

Mentor: Dr. Chris McNamara

Kinesiotaping for Neck Pain

Students: Alexis Gilbert, Olivia Greene, Allison Kattato, Megan Kelly, Emma Liu, Jason Schoenfelder

Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Mirabito

Acupressure Effects on Flexibility

Students: Francesca Busa, Melanie Chu, Robert Crandall, Brittany Leafe, Ashley Miller, Taylor Porter

Mentor: Dr. Nick Quarrier

Analysis of the Center of Mass and Center of Pressure in Typically Developing Children in Heel-Toe Gait and Toe Walking

Students: Lindsay Adelstein, Mary Claire Hartford, Bernadette Javier, Rachel Kern, Marley Owen, Kerryn St. Andre

Mentor: Dr. Kathy Schlough

Effect of ACL Reconstruction on Inter-limb Asymmetries and Limb Dominance

Students: James Alvarez, Theresa Ferrante, Monika Juodisius, Benjamin Kraus, Thomas Olesko, Ashley Panowicz, Aimee Pelletier

Mentor: Dr. Rumit Singh

Balance and Proprioceptive Deficits in Young Athletes with Extension-Based Low Back Pain due to Lumbar Multifidi Muscle Fatty Infiltrate: A Case Series

Students: Michael Bachner, Gwenaelle Giffard, Alexa Rick, Jacqueline Strong, John Thievon, Kevin Yuen

Mentor: Dr. Rumit Singh