Aetna Enhanced Wellness Programs & LifeMart

Simple Steps To A Healthier Life®

Your road to better health is just a few clicks away.  Simple Steps To A Healthier Life® offers online coaching programs that are customized to your health and interests. Plus it includes a $50 reward when you complete your health assessment and online coaching journey. Take that first step today!


MindCheck online tools make it easy to improve your emotional well-being. Measure your mindset and get immediate feedback and resources to maintain a positive outlook. You’ll also find tips, articles and videos on a variety of topics that include:

•Fitness and nutrition
•Substance use and more

Virtual Mental Health Programs

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, leading to worry, stress and sadness. These are common feelings with major life changes or chronic pain. Help is just a phone call away. With the AbleTo program, you’ll get virtual, personalized support that can help you feel better. You’ll learn how to better manage your emotions and improve your overall health. Workit Health offers virtual addiction support. Start your recovery journey with compassionate clinicians and coaches over live chat and video. 

Teladoc is a multinational telemedicine and high-quality virtual healthcare provider. It gives you 24/7 access to quality medical care through phone and video anywhere – in the comfort of your home or while traveling.  Services for Teladoc were expanded to include therapists and psychiatrists.


LifeMart is one of the largest members-only discount shopping websites. It offers discounts of up to 40 percent on millions of products and services. They provide real savings on real life needs. Child care. Senior care. Tuition. Travel. And all those little things in life that can add up. Groceries. Cell phones. The gym. Eating out. School supplies. Whether you’re planning a major purchase like a car, home or vacation, or just want to save on day-to-day essentials, LifeMart is your lifeline.

LifeMart is available to employees enrolled in the College's medical plan and can be accessed by logging into Aetna Navigator > Staying Healthy > Discounts > LifeMart Shopping

Through Aetna Navigator, members also have access to discounts for at home products, books, fitness, hearing, natural products and services, oral health, vision, and weight management.