Planning Your Future Starts Now!

Regardless of your age, the time to think about retirement is now. With careful planning, you increase the likelihood that your retirement experience will be a positive one – for you and your family. Ithaca College provides access to important components of a successful retirement such as a retirement savings plan and financial planning guidance, but it’s ultimately up to you to make the available resources work for you.

Ithaca College Retirement Plans

403(b) Retirement Savings Plan

The Ithaca College 403(b) Retirement Plan provides all employees of the College, who receive compensation reportable on an IRS Form W-2, the opportunity to save for their retirement.

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Emeriti Retiree Health Care Program

The Emeriti Retiree Health Care Program offers a practical and comprehensive solution to providing retiree health benefits for Ithaca College employees.

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Retiring from Ithaca College

Retirement Eligibility

The objective of the College’s Retiree Program is to provide a program which recognizes longevity of service and provides important benefits for eligible employees.

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Retiree Benefits

The College offers a variety of benefits to eligible retirees to help provide long-term health and peace of mind. These benefits include medical, dental, life insurance, the Emeriti Program, educational benefits, and more.

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Transition to Retirement Program

Ithaca College offers a voluntary program to eligible faculty and staff members of the College that will allow for a more gradual transition to retirement.

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Medicare Transition Program

Now available, at no cost to our employees, a licensed, professional Medicare Consulting service through a dedicated representative from Gallagher. This service is education focused, available to our employees, retirees, and family and friends.

The core services Include:

One-on-One Medicare Consulting:  This is a full-service program with dedicated Medicare consultant, Stephen Porto.  This service can be used on inquiries from simple Medicare questions to complete analysis, plan enrollment, and year over year servicing.

Gallagher Medicare Guide:  This is a great, simplified resource to educate yourself on Medicare and find access to custom support services.

Medicare Resource Center:  This is your one-stop online for simplified Medicare education, access to key resources, and personalized consultation.

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