Jury Duty

The College recognizes the civic responsibility of its employees to serve on juries or as a subpoenaed court witness. Except in cases involving personal business, employees summoned for jury duty or as a witness will be paid full salary for the duration of the assignment, provided the supervisor or department chair is given a copy of the summons at least one week in advance and after completion of service, the evidence of having served for the time claimed is furnished. Non-benefit eligible employees, including temporary workers who are scheduled to work will be paid $15.00 per day for their service, provided the appropriate documentation of time claimed is presented to the Office of Human Resources.

This policy is applicable to service requested by any legally constituted court or governmental unit, whether municipal, county, district, state, or federal.

Employees are expected to meet job responsibilities to the best of their ability during such periods. The employee should keep the supervisor or department chair informed of the expected duration of the case. The employee will be expected to report for work all or any part of a day the employee is not required to be in court.

Under normal circumstances, the College will not ask for a deferment of jury duty.

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