Personal Leave (Staff)

Staff and administrators may request up to six months of leave without pay for such compelling reasons as professional or educational development, public service, personal issues or family commitments. An unpaid leave for staff and administrators will not begin until all vacation and personal leave have been used.

In addition, for the first 12 weeks of an approved, unpaid leave of absence per 12-month period, the College will continue benefit credits and charges for all benefit eligible employees. If an employee requests a leave of longer duration, the employee will need to make arrangements with the Office of Human Resources for the continuation of his/her Individual Choice Benefits. Educational benefits are not in effect during periods of unpaid leave.

If, after completion of the unpaid leave of absence, the employee does not return to his/her position the employee must contact the Office of Human Resources regarding the continuation of his/her Individual Choice benefits. The College will recognize the date the unpaid leave began as the last day worked. If the employee fails to return from an unpaid leave of absence, under most circumstances he/she will be required to reimburse the College for the full cost of benefits associated with the unpaid leave. At that time, if the employee decides to continue his/her benefits, they must make the necessary arrangements for COBRA payment with the Office of Human Resources.

For more information on a Personal Leave, please review section of the Policy Manual or click here.