Educational Technologies Advisory Committee (ETAC)

The Educational Technologies Advisory Committee (ETAC) is sponsored by the Provost, Chief Information Officer, and senior leadership team of Information Technology. ETAC is comprised of faculty, staff, and students who represent a wide range of academic programs and campus affiliations. This group provides valuable insights and perspectives to Ithaca College Leadership about teaching, learning, and research experience of faculty and students using technology at IC. This feedback informs areas for future investments, adjustments, and continued development to ensure that the college's technology infrastructure and support services provide our faculty and students with a great experience that helps support a positive experience in and out of the classroom.

Examples of some of the areas the ETAC provides strategic efforts on include:

Reviews and recommendations for certain strategic applications and classroom technology
Facilitate a periodic review of current IC support technology applications
Review and advise on topics such as the Learning Management System, Classroom technology and redesign, ePortfolio systems, Data privacy as it relates to teaching & learning, and Educational technology applications


  • Director, Center for Instructional Design & Educational Technology (co-chair)
  • Faculty representatives from each of the five schools (one member each from the School of Music, Theater & Dance, Park School of Communications, School of Business, and School of Health Sciences & Human Performance; 2 members from the School of Humanities & Sciences)
  • One faculty committee member will be selected as a co-chair
  • Faculty Governance representative as determined through Faculty Council processes
  • Two student representatives as determined through the Student Governance Council processes
  • One Associate Dean
  • One Associate Provost
  • Director, Center for Faculty Excellence, or designated staff member
  • Director, Student Accessibility Services, or designated staff member
  • Ithaca College Librarian, or designated staff member
  • Director, Office of Extended Studies

This document outlines the purpose, membership, and objectives for the Educational Technologies Advisory Committee.