To encourage sustainability and reduce wasteful printing, Ithaca College uses a print management program which allows faculty and staff to print across campus. Faculty and staff can print directly from their campus devices, personal devices, or upload documents remotely to to print jobs in over a dozen locations.  

Faculty and staff have unrestricted printing privileges while they are signed in with their Ithaca College Credentials.  

Additional Information

  • For more in-depth information, visit these articles about printing:

  • Only printers with a Toshiba sticker are supported by Ithaca College. If you would like your printer to be supported, please reach out to the Service Desk by emailing  

  • Ithaca College does not permit personal/department purchased printers to be added through the Ithaca College Secure Network. We would suggest that you obtain a USB cable to plug your computer directly in to your printer. If you need a USB to connect your printer, please reach out to the Service Desk by emailing 

  • For any special printer paper (anything other than Letter sized, plain white paper), your department would be responsible for providing it. 

  • All Toshiba printers on campus are accessible to all faculty/staff members, 

For further information and assistance please contact the Service Desk at or