New Hire Information

If you have recently received a job offer with IT, congratulations on becoming a member of the IT S-Team!

This website serves as a guide for every step you need to complete prior to working with IT! These tasks will give us important information that we will keep on file to prepare for your employment with IT. Please be sure to review this website in full, and complete each of the following steps by the specified deadlines.

New Hire Checklist

  • Please reply to the Job Offer email sent to you via ITstudentcoord, indicating whether or not you are accepting the offer by the specified deadline
  • You will receive an electronic job offer from the HR Cloud system
  • Please be sure to accept the electronic job offer
  • If you have not worked at IC before, you will not be able to log into the HR Cloud. Simply reply directly within the email!
  • For those who have worked on campus before, you may access the HR Cloud by following any links sent to your IC email, via
  • This form will give us information about your availability during the fall semester and assist our student managers and area supervisors in creating your work schedule. We will also use the information to coordinate your access and accounts prior to working with IT.

  •  Please be prepared to provide your class schedule, a digital photo, and a fun fact!  

    • .JPG or .PNG file format is best

    • This photograph is for our New Hire slide show and our IT files. Your headshot may also be used for other purposes such as posters, publications, or social media. We want people in IT to know who you are and welcome you to the IT S-Team! 

  • Here is the link for our Fall 2022 Work Preference Form (WPF).

  • If your schedule changes between now and the start of the semester, you can simply fill out the form again.
  • If you have not worked on campus before you will need to attend a New Student Employee Program (NSEP) offered virtually through the Student Employment Office within HR.
    • In order to fill out your tax forms and student employment paperwork during this session, you will need to bring the required forms of identification. 
    • Please visit the NSEP website for more details on what to bring and to register in advance  
  • On the sign-up form, please fill out the fields as indicated below: 
    • Department - Engagement and Client Technologies 
    • Supervisor Name and Email - Andrew Hogan,
    • First Date of Work -Tuesday, August 18th 2022 
    • If you cannot attend any of the sessions listed, please contact the Office of Student Employment as soon as possible at to see what arrangements can be made and keep us in the loop.
  • If you do not attend a session prior to the start of New Hire Training on August 18th, we may not be able to hire you for the Fall 2022 semester.  
  • We encourage everyone to sign up for direct deposit.
  • You may do this by filling out a direct deposit form and sending it to the Payroll Office, or by signing up through IC HR Cloud.
  • You will not be able to do so until after you have attended an NSEP session, have accepted the electronic job offer, and about a week before training.
  • If you are already receiving direct deposit through an on-campus position, you do not need to do anything additional!
  • Training is mandatory and the tentative dates are Tuesday, August 16th - Sunday, August 21st, in-person.
    • Training will not be all-day, every-day, but please keep these dates in mind as you make plans to return to Ithaca College 
  • The move-in date for IT new hires is still being determined.
    • On-campus residents will receive an email from Res Life with instructions for selecting your move-in time slot through the housing portal
    • IT will coordinate early arrivals with the Office of Residential Life on behalf of all on-campus students. You will receive a detailed training schedule and information about your move-in date prior to training in August. 
  • You will be paid for all training sessions.
  • If you are unable to attend training, we will not be able to hire you for the Fall 2022 semester.
  • RAs and OLs will need to coordinate with Andy and their other supervisors ASAP regarding their training commitments.

Contact Information

Leanna & Mia

IT Student Coordinator Assistants

Job Hall 106

Office of Student Employment

For information regarding the IC HR Cloud, NSEP sessions, Direct Deposit, and Payroll, please contact the Office of Student Employment within HR.