Remote Teaching and Learning

Explore the Sakai Toolkit

Sakai (Ithaca College's learning management system) is recommended as the primary method for delivery of course materials and remote instruction. 

Sakai provides access to a number of tools we can use for communicating, teaching, and assessing online. Using Sakai we can...

  • Have access to the student roster and emails
  • Facilitate announcements and communication
  • Deliver content including files, links, and media 
  • Give assignments, collect and grade student work 
  • Give and grade quizzes  
  • Hold online discussion forums and chat 
  • Encourage student reflection through blogging 
  • Sequence the course content and activities into modules or lessons 
  • Securely connect to 3rd party tools such as Voicethread, Zoom, Leganto, and Kaltura 
  • Be supported by CFE, L&IT, SAS and Library Staff

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Instructional Tools and Practices for Remote Teaching

The following ideas can guide us in the process and the technology we can use to support our students during a remote learning experience. Each of the experiences below can be supported through various web-based technology tools. 

  • Encourage and Support Student Engagement
  • Hold Class Virtually
  • Create Recorded Lectures
  • Support Students' Oral and/or Poster Presentations
  • Modify Language Learning
  • Modify Laboratory Learning
  • Hold Virtual Office Hours

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