Introducing Career Interest Communities!


Contributed by Jennifer Pawlewicz

Career Services is excited to introduce our transition to Career Interest Communities. We are now offering more specialized career programming tailored to help you explore career paths, identify and apply for opportunities, and cultivate personalized networks that shape your professional journey.  


These are the 12 primary communities:

·         Arts, Music & Theater   

·         Education & Human Services  

·         Entrepreneurship, Freelance & Consulting 

·         Fashion, Retail & Consumer Products 

·         Finance, Accounting, Insurance & Real Estate 

·         Government, Law & Public Policy  

·         Healthcare, Public Health & Sciences

·         Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising   

·         Media, Film & Entertainment

·         Sustainability, Renewable Energy & Conservation 

·         Technology, Data & Analytics  

·         Tourism, Hospitality & Recreation 


Your community has been pre-selected to align with your major, however we strongly encourage you to explore multiple career communities that align with your interests, goals, and career plans. Can’t find the right fit? Stop in to Career Services and we can help guide you! Remember, you don’t have to have it all “figured out” to get started.

To receive customized information on your chosen community complete your career profile on our exciting, new website: By signing up on our updated interface, we can provide a personalized experience for each user.

Career Services also has a team of dedicated professionals who are embedded in these communities. You can connect with us during appointments, presentations, or on-campus events.

Find out more about Career Services and Career Interest Communities at We look forward to partnering with you during your academic and professional career to help you explore all of your career options.