Archaeologist to Present work on Spatial Science and Archaeology: Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Study the Past - An Ed Tech Day Featured Session


Contributed by Andrew Hogan

On Thursday, March 21st at 10 am in the Klingenstein Lounge join Dr. Tom Garrison as he shares his research in uncovering the past and how the use of technological tools allow us to see what is not immediately visible to the human eye.  Dr. Garrison will also discuss how it is valuable to bring digital spatial analysis into the classroom and its value beyond the study of the past.  Dr. Garrison's work was featured in several publications and on the National Geographic documentary, "Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake King."

This is one of over 50 sessions that are part of our 29th annual Educational Technology Day at Ithaca College on Thursday, March 21st from 9 am - 3 pm in the Campus Center.  No registration is required for members of the Ithaca College community.  Complete information is available on the Ed Tech Day website:

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