Learn Proposal and Grant Writing


Contributed by Anthony DiRenzo

Take Proposal and Grant Writing (WRTG-31700, CRN 20335) next semester. This popular service-learning course develops promotional and developmental materials for local nonprofits.

Our fall community partners include:

Besides being a highly marketable professional skill, grant writing is the primary way most arts organizations and service agencies fund themselves. Communities use grants to generate social capital and to create sustainable private and public institutions. If you want to do well by doing good or want to learn more about the nonprofit sector, America's biggest employer, enroll in this class. It partly functions like an internship.

Proposal and Grant Writing will be offered 5:25 PM, MW in Smiddy 109. This time slot will allow our community partners to attend and participate in the course. Prerequisites are WRTG-20100, 21100, or 21300 but these can be waived. Sophomore and even qualified and experienced freshmen are welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Anthony Di Renzo at direnzo@ithaca.edu.