Professor Leigh Ann Vaughn (Psychology) Contributed to an International Research Replication Project in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, July 5-6, 2019


Contributed by Leigh Ann Vaughn

Replication occurs when other researchers can get the same results by redoing a project, using the original methods. The RepliCATS (Collaborative Assessment for Trustworthy Science) project is important because it “could ultimately transform how users of social scientific research – from academics to policy makers – can assess the reliability of social scientific research” (

The repliCATS project is led by Associate Professor Fiona Fidler of the University of Melbourne, and it is coordinated by a group of interdisciplinary researchers from the School of BioSciences, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, and the Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne, with collaboration from the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. 

The RepliCATS workshop in Rotterdam brought together 150 experts from around the world to assess the likelihood that 550+ research findings in psychology, behavioral economics, education, and management will show the same effects if future studies try to use the same methods. Over two days, Professor Vaughn worked with a team of four other experts (graduate students to full professor) to estimate the replicability of 23 research claims. The RepliCATS project is continuing, and will eventually estimate the replicability of 3000 research claims. RepliCATS is looking for more contributors: