Important Campus Print Management Update


Contributed by David Prunty

As outlined in the recent Infinity Meetings on July 21 and 22, 2020, the Campus Print Management Workgroup has been forced to pause the planned implementation of a new print device plan due to budgetary constraints.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, all existing campus print devices will remain in place and our community will need to be flexible and resilient in terms of how we use and share devices. 

Network desktop print devices can be repaired/serviced by IT as best as possible. However, these devices are not mission critical and in the event of a device failure that cannot be repaired, the user(s) will need to share a device on their floor or in their building. Note that some specialized print devices (check printers, etc. may need to be replaced if they fail and cannot be serviced).

Xerox MFDs are the most numerous on campus and will be covered by a temporary service contract from Office Equipment Source (OES).

Ricoh MFDs are fewer in number and no viable option exists for a temporary service contract. If a Ricoh devices fails it can either be removed from service or replaced with a Xerox device if departmental funds are available.

It may become necessary to move devices from one location to another on campus if the need arises.

Print Shop – the most cost-effective and efficient way to print on campus is through the Print Shop. Faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize the Print Shop whenever possible.