Title IX Update from Ithaca College


Contributed by Linda Koenig

The 2020 Department of Education Title IX Regulations were published on May 6, 2020 and are effective on August 14, 2020.  In response to the regulations, a small work group convened to incorporate the required regulations into our current Code of Conduct to ensure federal compliance and to continue a person-centered process.

You can find the Department of Education Regulations here and read our related policies by going here.

In order to continue our goal of creating a culture of reporting and responding to reports of sexual misconduct in an approach that is prompt, equitable and thorough, we have taken the following steps:

If you have questions about Ithaca College’s approach to the Department of Education Regulations or would like to discuss topics related, please reach out directly to Linda Koenig, Title IX Coordinator by emailing lkoenig@ithaca.edu. We will also be hosting open sessions in late August and early September to dialogue about the policy changes required and promoted by the Department of Education.