Instructional Development Fund – Proposals Due by April 15


Contributed by Colette Matisco

Instructional Development Fund (IDF) grants fall into one of two categories: Direct Course Enhancement or Diversity/International Projects. Guidelines and a link to the online application may be found on the CFE website.

Instructional Development Fund (IDF) grants for direct course enhancement are intended to improve the content and/or methods of instruction in existing or proposed courses at Ithaca College. The fund is intended to encourage faculty members to respond to specific academic needs by refining or updating teaching skills, cultivating expertise, or developing innovative instructional materials and resources that contribute to an improved and more current curriculum. To be considered, any proposal submitted for this fund must specifically address concrete benefits to classroom or laboratory instruction.

In addition to grants for course improvement focused on curriculum development and pedagogical experiments, IDF grants also encourage and support projects that incorporate diversity and international/cultural content. Although immediate curricular impact is not necessary, it is expected that groundwork for future courses and/or other interactions that encourage the exchange of ideas and practices focused on enhancing diversity and international understanding between faculty members will result.

Proposers are encouraged to discuss rough drafts with an IDF Committee member. A complete list of members can be found on the CFE website. Due to financial constraints, maximum funding will likely be reduced for 2020-2021.