Department of Art Professor Paulina Velázquez-Solís was invited to create a sound piece for "Horizonte espinoso," at Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáno in San José, Costa Rica.


Contributed by Doreen Brown

The sound pieces are an interpretation of the show as a way to include people with vision impediments and expand the show under the name "Frecuencia Espinosa."

Professor Velázquez-Solís made the sound piece that is in the section of the show LADO 3 under the name of: Los cautivos, in reference to the work Los Cautivo #2 (de la serie Valle Oscuro), from artist Adrián Arguedas, working with processed field recordings from a Cimarrona in Washington, DC.

You can access the virtual exhibition here:   Horizonte Espinoso and links to the sound project Frecuencia Espinosa   Link to the catalog