Optical Scanning

To learn more about Optical Scanning please see this Article in our knowledge Base

Remark Wrapper OMR Scanning Upgrade

IT is pleased to announce the recent upgrade to the Remark Wrapper OMR Optical Scanning Software. This upgrade provides an intuitive interface for self-service scanning. The software is available 24/7 in the Faculty Learning Center, Job 103 and helps to reduce the turn around time to faculty. For information about which reports are available please see the FAQs on Optical Scanning

Self-Service Process

IT encourages you to try scanning your own bubble sheets in the Faculty Learning Center Job 103. If you require assistance, feel free to walk over to the service desk (Job 104) to receive complimentary training on the Self-Service system. The self service option can process an average exam in about 5 minutes, but arrange to scan your exams early, as the machine may be busy with other faculty members during high volume periods (Midterms and Finals). 

Full Service Option

Faculty can still receive full-service for scanning of student assessments with unique identifiers including Sub-Test and Extra Credit upon special request. Through the IT Service Desk – Job Hall 104, faculty requests for full-service will continue to have a 24-hour turn around. Exam packets and job request forms should be delivered/picked-up at the IT Service Desk. For more information see our Full Service Test Scoring Page

Contact Information

All questions should be directed to the Service Desk, 607-274-1000, during normal business hours, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

IT is no longer supporting Course Evaluation Scantron forms. Faculty looking for options to complete Course Evaluations are encouraged to use SmartEval or Qualtrics. One benefit of the SmartEval software is that the results can easily be added to faculty portfolios in Activity Insight (Digital Measures). A second option is to use Qualtrics, the preferred survey software for Ithaca College. For Course Evaluations that were completed on Scantron, departments should consult with Vice Provost, Vice Provost Danette Johnson at