Getting Started

New Faculty

Account Information

As a new employee, the Office of Human Resources (HR) will schedule you for a new hire session. This session will include information about getting started with various accounts that pertain to your role. Listed below are some of the most common systems and services that you will use at Ithaca College. is the college’s web hub for accessing many of the systems referenced below. The most commonly used systems have clickable tiles at the top of the page, while the bottom of the page has a full list of links to IC systems.


At your new hire session you will be given your username and initial password for Parnassus, which provides access for viewing your paycheck, managing your direct deposit, and updating your personal information. Keep in mind that as a new faculty member, you will usually attend your new hire session prior to your official employment date. You will not be able to login to Parnassus until on or after that date, at which time you should log into Parnassus and change the initial password to something that only you know. Questions about Parnassus should be directed to HR, 4-8000.

Netpass Activation

Your Netpass username and password are used to access many systems and services at IC, including logging onto campus computers.

Email and Calendar

Microsoft Outlook is used for email and calendar at Ithaca College. Official e-mail communications from the college will only be sent to your IC e-mail address so it is important that you check this account regularly.


Sakai is the online course management system for distributing course materials, assessments, exams and learning modules for class.

Web Profile Manager (WPM)

All faculty and staff have a Web Profile Manager (WPM) account. WPM is a content management system that allows for the easy creation of web pages.

IT Service Portal

The IT Service Portal provides online access to technology help, services, and information.


HomerConnect is IC's Student Information System, which is also used by faculty. Contact the Registrar's Office for more information about this system.

Other Faculty Services

Faculty Learning Space, 103 Job Hall

The Faculty Learning Space is a specialty lab for faculty members and has equipment and software not normally available on faculty desktops.


All classrooms at Ithaca College are equipped with a computer, projector, DVD and VHS player and laptop connection cables. The majority of classrooms have Windows computers in them although some do have Macs. The eClassrooms are supported by Audio Visual Services (AVS) whose specialists provide a "drop and run" troubleshooting service. All classrooms have phones in them to call AVS at 4-1443 if there is a problem.

Faculty Photos

Faculty photos are taken by the College Relations and Communications department. Faculty who wish to have their photo changed on a Faculty Profile web page should submit a service request to the IT Service Desk along with the high-resolution image. 

Computer Labs

Specialty labs are available across campus for students and faculty. Specialty software requests for the labs are managed by IT. We will work with faculty members and departments to determine licensing and budget implications. Departments purchase the specialty software and IT installs it into the lab "software image".

Optical Scanning

IT uses the Remark Wrapper OMR Optical Scanning Software which supports self-service optical scanning and reduces the turn around time to faculty. The Self-Service Scanning Station is located in the Faculty Learning Center, Job 103. This room is open to faculty 24/7.  


Unrestricted networked printing is generally available to all faculty members.

Taskstream ePortfolio and Assessment System

All faculty have accounts in Taskstream, the institutional ePortfolio and Assessment system. Faculty members will only use Taskstream when involved with program assessment. The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) and the Teacher Education program are using Taskstream for assessment purposes.

Telephone and Voice Mail Service

All offices are equipped with phones that are managed by the college. Some faculty members in shared spaces use a shared voice mail tree with an individual voice mail box. Check with your department for any special instructions for using voice mail. 

Your College-owned Computer

You will have access to a college-owned computer. This computer is part of the Technology Renewal Program and will be replaced every three years. These computers come with a standard software "image". Support is provided through the IT Service Desk. You use your Netpass username and password to log into campus computers. The hardware and common software you need is provided through the Technology Renewal program.


Intercom is the online announcement and news service for the campus community. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you'll receive an Intercom "Round-up" e-mail with a list of headlines about the latest announcements.