Getting Started

New Staff

Account Information

In order to get started, you will need to attend a new hire information session with Human Resources. This session includes information about getting started with various accounts that pertain to your role.


At your new hire session you will be provided with your username and a default password for Parnassus, the Human Resources and Financial Services system. The first thing you should do is log into Parnassus and change the default password to something that only you know. Parnassus is available through the myHome IC services menu.

Netpass Activation

Your Netpass username and password are used to access many systems and services at IC, including logging onto campus computers and accessing the Mentor file server. This account is activated using your Parnassus username and the last 6 digits of your college ID. The Human Resource office provides you with this information at the new hire session. is the college’s new hub for providing access to web-based applications.


myHome is a web portal that allows for easy access to college information and resources from any Web browser. With myHome, you can access Outlook Web App (email), Sakai, Intercom, Outlook Calendar and other services all with a single login. You’ll also have quick access to other services such as Parnassus and HomerConnect. In addition, you can add personal information to myHome, including photos, personal email accounts (ex: Gmail), news, weather, RSS feeds and more. myHome uses your Netpass username and password.


Official e-mail communications from the college will only be sent to your IC e-mail address. It is important that you check this account regularly, or set mail forwarding to your preferred e-mail account. You can do this through myHome > Outlook Web App > Options. E-mail is accessed with the Netpass username and password.

Mentor File Server

Mentor is the staff and faculty file server and is accessed with the Netpass username and password.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar is the calendering and scheduling software used at Ithaca College. Outlook Calendar allows faculty and staff to maintain personal agendas, schedule meetings with each other on an invitational basis, and schedule resources (such as meeting rooms). Outlook Calendar is included with email, and uses the Netpass username and password.

Web Profile Manager

All staff and faculty have a Web Profile Manager (WPM) account. WPM is a content management system that allows for the easy creation of a web profile. WPM uses the Netpass username and password. WPM is available through the myHome IC Services menu.


Unrestricted networked printing is generally available to all staff members.

Telephone and Voice Mail Service

All offices are equipped with phones that are managed by the college. Some staff members in shared spaces use a shared voice mail tree with an individual voice mail box. Check with your department for any special instructions for using voice mail. 

Your College-owned Computer

You will have access to a college-owned computer. This computer is part of the Technology Renewal Program and will be replaced every three years. These computers come with a standard software "image". Support is provided through the IT Service Desk. You use your Netpass username and password to log into campus computers. The hardware and common software you need is provided through the Technology Renewal program.