Learn What Leadership Looks Like

Lead-In is designed to help first-year students get a jumpstart on their college involvement experiences. In this program, participants will:

  • Participate in team-building and leadership skill-building activities, including an adventure-challenge course.
  • Learn about opportunities to get involved in student organizations at IC, including how to take on leadership roles during the first-year.
  • Meet with successful student leaders and college staff to learn about important resources for emerging Ithaca College student leaders.
  • Have fun and meet new friends!

“Meeting the new students and the leaders made me so comfortable and like I had a new family to start my freshman year.”

“My favorite part of Lead-In was the ropes course. I pushed myself more than I have in the past and it was difficult, but I did it!”

Student leaders posing like superheroes.

Most students who participate in the Lead-In program go on to be leaders on campus, often serving on the executive boards for student organizations, holding selective jobs on campus, or representing the student body on college-wide committees. The fun and friendships of Lead-In have a lasting impact!

The Challenge Course

Low/ Team Initiatives

Participants will be engaged by a series of group initiatives and challenges--unique exercises that require groups to brainstorm, plan, implement, evaluate, and improvise. These exercises are physically engaging, but not physically strenuous.

High Elements

This type of the program includes the use of ropes and harnesses and technical climbing equipment, for challenges anywhere from 5 to 50 feet off the ground. Participants will be walking through the woods for approximately 20 minutes to get to the challenge course.

Safety and Challenge By Choice

Cornell Team & Leadership Center has a stellar safety record. In addition to an excellent facility and well trained instructors, we ask all participants to contribute to the safety of each program by making responsible decisions regarding their own level of participation. Most importantly, our ethic of challenge by choice means that every activity is an opportunity, and that at no time will any participant be obligated to do anything he or she does not wish to do.


For more information about Lead-In, please contact Michele Lenhart, director of student leadership and Involvement.

Because you will be engaged in fun and physical activities, please wear clothes that will allow you to climb and stretch. Closed-toe shoes are required.