Senior Staff

The Communications Team

In this 24/7 news and social media environment, our College Communications team is always on. We deliver the college’s official voice and visibility for leadership messages, major initiatives or announcements, and crisis and emergency communication, as well as managing IC News, ICView magazine, social media strategy, and media relations. 

The Creative Team

This team works hand-in-hand with our marketing strategy team, creating communications campaigns that serve the college’s highest goals and capture the essential nature of what makes IC special. They conceive, plan, and produce creative concepts, components, standards, and campaigns in support of enrollment, advancement, and strategic initiatives. They also develop tools that colleagues across campus can use to create their own high-quality work.

The Marketing Team

This team strives to create an audience-centered approach to marketing communications that serves the college’s short-term and long-term enrollment and advancement goals. This work is driven whenever possible by research, testing, measurement, and cycles of data-based iteration.