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Posted by Shannon Mazourek at 2:32PM
robot chair

Madeline Smith '10, alumna
Carole Dennis, associate professor of occupational therapy
Sharon Stansfield, associate professor of computer science
Hélène Larin, associate professor of physical therapy

A technology publication produced by MIT reported on a team of Ithaca College faculty and student researchers who have developed a motorized chair to give disabled babies the power of movement.  The article says the “real genius” of the chair is the control mechanism. “By sticking the baby into a seat strapped onto a Wii Fit Balance Board perched atop a Pioneer 3 robot platform, researchers from Ithaca College created a robot that travels in whatever direction a baby leans. If you’ve ever seen a baby try to use his or her hands, you can see why this is brilliant: babies just don’t have the fine motor skills to drive even a baby-size motorized chair.”

“Infants Control of a Robotic Mobility Device”

Publication: Technology Review
Publication Date: August 24, 2010
Article: “Babies Take the Wheel of Driving Robots”

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