Recent Faculty Accomplishments

Writing professor Katharyn Howd Machan’s poem “Tess Clarion: Redwing, 1888” has been awarded two prizes in the Books on the Bosque (Clifton, TX) writing contest. (11/30/2023)

Dr. Shackell won the “Outstanding Case Award” at the 2023 MAS/IMA Teaching Case Conference held at Iowa State University at the end of September. (10/28/2023)

Justine Vosloo presents recently published paper on supporting athletes with Long Covid at annual sport psychology conference.(10/27/2023)

Marella Feltrin-Morris Publishes Book Chapter on Fictional Interpreters. (10/27/2023)

Kathleen Mulligan, Professor (Center for Theatre and Dance) presented at the 46th Annual Fulbright Association Conference in Denver, CO. (10/24/2023)

John Vongas, Associate Professor of Management, Publishes a Paper on Stress at Work. (10/22/2023)

 Carlos Figueroa, Ph.D. (Politics Department), lectured on Quaker social activist and political commentator Bayard T. Rustin at the Woodbrooke Quaker Studies Centre. (10/22/2023)

Anthony Di Renzo, Professor of Writing, has published a new book, Pasquinades: Essays from Rome's Famous Talking Statue. (10/19/2023)

Raul Palma (H&S) Interviewed on NPR's Weekend Edition, Saturday. (10/16/2023)

Athletic Training Professor and Students Engage with South Hill Elementary students through a STEAM Presentation. (10/6/2023)

CSCRE Professor Mika Kennedy Talks "Madame Butterfly" with Detroit Public TV. (10/5/2023)

Architectural Studies Professor David Salomon publishes article in the on-line journal Platform. (10/2/2023)

Daniel Gwirtzman, Assistant Professor of Dance, attended the 25th Annual National Dance Education Organization conference. (9/30/2023)

"Staging Story" Reviewed in SDC Journal. (9/21/2023)

April Trainor '24 and Prof. Doug Turnbull present research on music recommendation in Singapore. (9/20/2023)

Dr. Andrew Utterson (Screen Studies) publishes article in peer-reviewed journal Quarterly Review of Film and Video (Taylor & Francis). (9/18/2023)

Walter Byongsok Chon (Theatre) is Awarded the Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship. (9/17/2023)

An interview with Dr. Andrew Utterson recently featured in the Italian-language news site La Svolta. (9/14/2023)

Laura Muscalu, Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, studies the cognitive processes that are involved when people who speak multiple languages circumvent inherent cross-linguistic coactivation and interference. (9/13/2023)

Charged, a dance film by Daniel Gwirtzman, Assistant Professor in the Center for Theatre and Dance Performance, is featured in the opening event program for the 5th edition Cuadro por Danza Festival. (9/8/2023)

Dana Professor Jennifer Jolly publishes on race and caste in 19th century Mexico. (8/30/2023)

Art faculty Amber Lia-Kloppel’s painting “Susanna Between Worlds” was included in the Arnot Art Museum’s 77th Regional Exhibition. (8/24/2023)

Literature Professor Chris Holmes Publishes Essay (dedicated to Patty Zimmermann). (08/23/2023)

Jennifer Jolly, Dana Professor of Art History, has published her essay, “José María Morelos, Brownness, and the Visibility of Race in Nineteenth-Century Mexico,” in the journal Estudios Mexicanos/Mexican Studies. (8/18/2023)

Professor Katharine Kittredge, Department of Literatures in English, recently published an essay, “But First There was a Scarecrow. . .” (8/14/2023)

Ithaca College Poets Receive Prizes (8/9/2023)

Literatures in English Professor Kasia Bartoszynska has published a review of Divine Days by Leon Forrest, a novel revered by writers and scholars from Kenneth Warren to Stanley Crouch to Toni Morrison. (8/8/2023)