Emerson Summer Internship Program

The Emerson Summer Internship Award is a college-wide program targeted to Senior students and provides the student with financial support for an undergraduate internship in either a domestic or international setting. The Emerson Internship Program will award one internship per school. The Dean of each school can nominate one student. Each award will be up to $2250. The internship must be credit-bearing and completed during the summer months.

How to Apply for an Emerson Internship

The application/selection procedure shall be determined by each school. Interested students should contact their Dean to find out more information. The Office of the Provost's deadline for nominees from each Dean's Office is May 6, 2022 by noon. (Individual school deadlines may vary.)

Selection Criteria

  • The student will have completed at least 90 credits by the end of Summer 2022 (this summer internship can be counted toward the 90-credit requirement)

  • A student must apply for summer session registration for the internship (undergraduate credits only)

  • The student has demonstrated meritorious academic performance

  • A student must be eligible for financial aid (students must check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding their status)

  • The quality and academic/career relevance of the internship