Tutoring Services offers exceptional peer resources to support IC students free of charge.  These supportive services are offered as a supplement to other resources such as faculty advising and office hours. The goal is to help new and continuing students navigate the rigor of college academics and adult learning experiences where optimum critical thinking and life management skills are essential. 

Our Learning Coaches provide content-specific peer tutoring in a standard list of challenging pre-requisite to majors courses.  In addition, tutoring is available in a select group of ICC requirements and high needs courses identified by the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research.  

 Peer Success Coaches are mentors who assist students with developing and maintaining adult learning and social engagement skills.  They share strategies for managing time, prioritizing responsibilities, getting involved, and with finding school/work/life balance.   Learning Coaches and Peer Success Coaches teach students collegiate level study and academic success skills.   

Please visit https://www.ithaca.edu/tutoring-services for more information.