Welcome to Apartment Living!

The Apartment Guide outlines policies designed to keep our living environments safer and is an important reference for all students living in Circle, Garden, or Quad Apartments. Please review the contents and take time to ensure that your personal belongings, decor and furniture set-up follow the outlined guidelines. Our residence halls and apartments are equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler systems for your safety. Residential Life and Environmental Health & Safety staff conduct periodic health and safety inspections throughout the year. All residents of the apartment are held judicially responsible and assessed a fine for any violations found in a space.

Though the Apartment Guide has similar guidance and policies as the Room Guide, this page does not apply to residential hall residents, including Terraces, Towers, standard Quads, and Emerson Hall. To view the Room Guide, visit Room Guide page.

Most Common Health and Safety Violations in Apartments

Amplifiers - Amplifiers can be stored in rooms, but cannot be used in and around any residence hall spaces, including being plugged in.

Bicycles - Bicycles must be stored in your room, on balconies, or on a bike rack on campus. They cannot hang from ceilings or trees, block any exits, or block any stairs.

Blocked Egress - All exits must be clear at all times. Violations includes tapestries hung in front of doorways, furniture, or piles of personal belongings.

Possession of College Property - This includes lounge furniture, folding tables and chairs, computing equipment, parking cones, and college signs is prohibited.

20% Rule - No more than 20% of a wall or door may be covered in combustible materials such as posters and decorations.

Hanging Items From the Ceiling - No items are allowed to be hung on the ceiling. This includes hanging items on the sprinklers, pipes, or ceilings in all residential rooms.

Tampering with fire safety equipment - This includes smoke/heat detectors, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and exit signs is prohibited.

Piggy Backing/Daisy Chaining - Do not plug a surge protector into another surge protector

Decorating - Do not use duct tape or poster tack. Any damage you create will be charged to you. Window clings are only allowed on glass surfaces, as they can stain. Consider using scotch tape or Command Strips as they do not damage the walls.

String Lights - String lights cannot be wrapped around handrails, guardrails, banisters, etc. Strands cannot be plugged into each other. Only 100 bulbs per room.

All Weapons are Prohibited on Campus - This includes, but not limited to: firearms, (including airsoft, paintball and BB guns), ammunition, bows, arrows, hunting knives, swords, throwing stars, brass knuckles, nunchucks & reloading equipment.

No Attached Items to Any Railings - Attaching anything to internal or external railings (hammocks, holiday lights, swings, flags) may result in a Health & Safety Violation. Please consult your Residence or Community Director prior to attaching anything to a railing.

Removal of Articles/Damage - Removing room screens, safety bars, suspending articles from windows and/or ledges, throwing objects from buildings, or throwing/jumping from internal or external balconies is prohibited.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Decorations


  • Candles/Wax Melters
  • Over-the-Door Mirrors
  • Incense Burners of Any Kind
  • Curtains
  • Tapestries & Flags
  • No Hanging Items on Sprinklers, Pipes, or Ceilings

Prohibited Appliances


  • Hot Plate
  • Personal Microwave
  • Space Heaters
  • Electric Blankets

Prohibited Electrical Items


  • Multi Plug Adapters
  • Power Strips Without Reset Button
  • Extension Cords of Any Kind

Prohibited Lighting


  • Halogen Lamps
  • Heat/Sun Lamps
  • Multi-Head Lamps
  • Lava Lamps

Prohibited Misc. Items


  • Hoverboards
  • Non-Prescription Drugs & Paraphernalia
  • Alcohol (Under 21)
  • Lighter Fluid, Propane, Fireworks, & Other Flammable Liquids
  • Full-Sized BBQ Grills (Propane or Charcoal)*
  • Spray Paint
Approved Items
  • Coffee Makers (with Auto Shut-Off)
  • Essential Oil Diffusers
  • Humidifiers/Air Purifiers
  • Microfridges or Mini-Fridge
  • Surge Protectors With Reset Button
  • Electric Kettles (With Auto Shut-Off)
  • Lamps (Non-Halogen)
  • Free Standing Fans
  • String Lights (Max 100 Bulbs Per Room)
  • Portable Charcoal Grills*

*Use of Charcoal Grills (Circle & Garden Apartments Only)

  • Grills must be portable, with legs no longer than 12 inches and cooking surface no larger than 250 square inches
  • Grills cannot be used on patios or balconies
  • Grills must be used 30ft away from any building
  • Use EZ Light type charcoal - Lighter fluid is prohibited
  • Store charcoal indoors in a cool, dry place
  • Charcoal embers must be extinguished prior to disposal
Some Items You May Want or Need in Your Apartment

As you are moving in your apartment, be sure to discuss items you and your roommates will need and share in an apartment space. Shop together and consider sharing the cost and responsibilities for the things you will all be using together. There are stores in Ithaca where you can purchase reused goods at a discount to use during your apartment living experience, helping facilitate a more sustainable experience.

  • Shower Shoes (Personal)
  • Toilet Paper for Bathrooms
  • Pots, Pans, & Cooking Utensils
    • Frying Pan, Pots & Lids, etc.
    • Spatula, Cooking Spoons, Mixing Utensils, etc.
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons
  • Dishes & Utensils
    • Plates, Bowls, Glasses, Mugs, etc.
    • Forks, Spoons, Knives, Chopsticks, etc.
  • Dish Detergent and Hand Soap
  • Dish Drainer and Dish Towels
  • Cleaning Supplies

Roommates in the Kitchen

Residents sharing apartments are mutually responsible for the cleanliness and regular upkeep of all common areas. The common areas must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each semester. Weekly cleaning will prevent the build-up of hard-to-remove grime, stains, grease, mildew, which may otherwise result in charges upon check-out. Failure to clean regularly, or living in unsanitary conditions, may also lead to rodents, insects, and other health issues. Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools may be borrowed from Residential Life.

All checks are performed by Residential Life and/or Environmental Health and Safety staff. Two staff members will enter together if residents are not present.

Apartment Entry/Inspection - The College reserves the right to enter the residents’ apartment and bedroom without prior notice during scheduled breaks or for purposes of improvements, maintenance, health/safety inspection, recovery of college property not authorized for use in the assigned space, safety, health, security, or general welfare of the student or others, as determined by the College, and cleanliness and sanitation inspections which are performed bi-annually in the Apartments by Residence/Community Directors and professional Residence Life staff.

Cleanliness & Sanitation Inspections - The Cleanliness and Sanitation inspections will occur in the fall and spring semesters with dates to be determined yearly. Dates will be communicated with students at least two weeks prior to the inspection. Inspections will yield one of the following outcomes:

  1. Approved: The space has been inspected and no hazards or sanitary issues have been noted. No action necessary.
  2. Additional Cleaning Requested: The space has been inspected and, while no sanitary issues have been found, it is suggested that the residents partake in additional cleaning to avoid an excessive cleaning charge at the conclusion of the academic year or semester. A reinspection by staff will take place.
  3. Additional Cleaning Required/Unsanitary Conditions Present: The space has been inspected and cleanliness or sanitary issues have been found. The issues found may affect the health of the students present and even the surrounding community (i.e. neighboring apartments). Students will be asked to thoroughly clean the space and a reinspection by staff will take place 7 business days after initial inspection. If cleanliness standards have not been met, Ithaca College Office of Facilities will clean the space at an hourly charge (split among residents), material cost, additional damage/maintenance, plus at least a $25 Health and Safety Fine per resident

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can visit the Property Insurance page in our site to find out more information on insuring your belongings while living on campus.

Residence halls and on-campus apartments are a communal setting, and thus need to have rules in place to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable. The college and fire marshal have identified items and behaviors that are dangerous to the community, and the checks allow staff members to identify violations then work with students to address them.

If a violation is found during educational checks, you will be given a warning and staff will remove the violation. Dangerous items are confiscated, and are subject to conduct fines and sanctions. All violations found after educational checks will be confiscated and receive a conduct fine and sanctions based on the severity of the violation.

At the very least, each person in the space can receive the following:

  • $25 fine
  • Removal of Item
  • Conduct sanction (such as written warning, research paper, community service hours or disciplinary probation)

Confiscated items will be stored until the end of the semester. Students are able to arrange a time to retrieve an item from their Residence or Community Director given 2 business days’ notice. However, once returned, the item must immediately leave campus.

All residents in a space are responsible for everything that happens in your space as you are collectively responsible for making sure your apartment is in compliance.

Please review this information with your apartment-mate(s).

If you are found in violation of the Health and Safety policies, at the very least each person in the space can receive:

  • $25 fine
  • Removal of Item
  • Conduct sanction (such as written warning, research paper, community service hours or disciplinary probation)

Sometimes violations are missed during checks. It is unfortunate, but it does happen, and it does not exempt you from being fined when the violation is discovered.

Fines associated with health and safety violations will appear on your student bill. These fines cannot be appealed.