Roommate Agreement Process

Living on a college campus is often the first time that students experience sharing a living space with another person. Investing some time and establishing open communication with your roommate(s) will go a long way in helping you to develop a good roommate relationship!

The Roommate Agreement is a tool to assist you and your roommate(s) (a) in beginning the conversation about living together and your personal preferences, and (b) assisting you in resolving a conflict or disagreement. How will we use our room space? Are there specific times for studying and sleeping? What are our expectations for guests? These are some of the questions that you and your roommate(s) will discuss for your room.

You will receive a copy of the Roommate Agreement form when you arrive and move into your room. You may also download a copy of the Roommate Agreement (featured document on this page), or ask your Apartment/Resident Assistant (AA/RA) or Community/Residence Director (CD/RD) for a copy.

Five Easy Steps for Completing the Roommate Agreement

  1. Arrange a time with your roommate(s) within the first week of the semester to talk about how you will live together and share your room/apartment space.
  2. Discuss and answer all the questions on the form.
  3. Write down any specifics, including special notes or agreements. You may use the back of the form if there are other topics or if you need more room.
  4. If you need help with your Roommate Agreement, ask your AA/RA or CD/RD.
  5. Sign the form and submit it to your AA/RA by September 15th in the Fall (February 15th in the Spring). You may request a copy if desired.
  • Take the time to discuss your Roommate Agreement. 
  • Openly share your personal preferences, and be sure to listen to your roommate’s preferences.
  • The Roommate Agreement is also helpful for students who have been friends previously!
  • Your AA/RA is available to help you if you need someone to facilitate the discussion. At any point during the year you may review and/or revise your Roommate Agreement.
  • If problems/disagreements arise, raise them in a discussion with your roommate(s). Remember to be respectful – it is normal to get frustrated with each other. Revisit your Roommate Agreement if needed. And if you need help, utilize your AA/RA or CD/RD.

If you have any questions or need further help, feel free to contact your AA/RA or CD/RD or contact the Office of Residential Life at (607) 274-3141.