Student Organization Accounts

OSE recognized student organizations are eligible to have an Ithaca College account. Accounts are only activated upon the request of the student organization. To request an account, please submit an Account Request Form on Engage. Organizations must be recognized to access their account. A document with their account number and information how to use their account can be found on the organization's Engage page under the documents section in the finance files folder. 

Keeping Track of Organization Finances

  • All student organizations with an account are provided an Excel file, "Starting 2022-23 Student Org Record Keeping Resource" on Engage. Treasurers can use this to  record all financial transactions (expenses and deposits) for both IC funds and raised funds. This document is located on the organization's Engage page under documents in the finance files folder.
  • Treasurers should develop a system with the organization members to submit pictures of every purchase receipt, invoice/contract, and deposit slip to record on the spreadsheet.
  • Treasurers should provide regular financial updates to their organization e-board including account balances, spending, and any concerns.
  • Treasurers are encouraged to upload the organization record keeping spreadsheet  on their Engage page regularly to keep organization officers in the loop.