Here are some ways to promote your student organization

Bulletin Board

Recognized student orgs may advertise on specific bulletin boards designated for general posting in the Campus Center and academic buildings without stamped approval.

Each poster must contain the name of the student organization and an e-mail address for a contact person and the accommodation statement.

The Office of Student Engagement has a number of bulletin boards within the Campus Center that student organizations can request to use to promote their upcoming events. Any recognized student organization can request a bulletin board by submitting this form. There are a number of boards inside and outside of the Campus Center available for student organizations to use. We've created a helpful guidebook that contains all the information you need to know about bulletin boards, click here for our bulletin board guidebook!

The Office of Student Engagement has partnered with the IC Print Shop to give student organizations an opportunity to print their poster the size of the bulletin board. Click here for our how-to guidebook of how to print a bulletin board through the print shop! 

Organizations also can find a cricut, backing paper, letter/symbol stencils, markers, paints, and other supplies available in the Student Activities Center if they prefer. Please call/e-mail studentorgs@ithaca.edu with any questions about accessing the Student Activities Center. 

To post in Residence halls, please submit 150 copies to Res Life. If approved, Res Life staff will post them. No posters are permitted on doors, windows, walls or vehicles. 


If your student organization wishes to table in the Campus Center, post on a campus LCD screen or reserve the academic quad for advertising purposes, campus-wide solicitation is managed by the Office of Student Engagement. Click here for more information. 


Each student organization can identify three members to post on intercom on behalf of the student organization through the recognition process. Students who are selected on behalf of the organization to post on intercom must first login to the Ithaca College website in order to gain access. This can be done at http://www.ithaca.edu/login

Weekly Happenings

Student orgs can promote their program through this weekly e-mail by emailing information to studentorgs@ithaca.edu.

Table Tents/Napkin Holders

Student orgs can place approved (4.5” x 5.5”) ads in napkin holders around dining halls and IC Square (~300). Orgs are responsible for inserting and removing the ads two days later. Ads must clearly state the name of the organization and contact info. To request authorization, submit a copy of the ad to Dining Services. The form is available at dining service’s website.