Paying an Invoice or Contract
Student organizations may have to pay for goods or professional services, such as performers, t-shirts, DJ payments, etc.
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Getting Reimbursed
An organization member may choose to pay out-of-pocket and request to be reimbursed (less tax paid).
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Purchasing Items for Student Orgs
Student Organization Business Coordinator in the Office of Student Engagement is available to assist club's with their purchasing.
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Donate Raised Funds
Student organizations who raise money outside of Ithaca College may donate those funds to others entities.
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Timeline Reminders for Submitting Spending Request Forms:

  • SRFs should always be submitted at least two weeks in advance and we recommend giving even more time if possible.
    • Two weeks is the recommended time frame if spending with a local payee and not requiring delivery of services.  More time is always required for many reasons, including:
      • High volume of SRFs received from student organizations for our office staff to process
      • Delivery time of goods/services (Payee/Merchant/Vendor and multiple Ithaca College departments may require additional time to fulfill their part of each request. Specifically invoices/contracts, donations, reimbursements, online and custom purchasing, and hiring a student to work for a student organization requests so be sure more to allow more time for processing to assure everyone involved is successful.)