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Payments for Invoices or Contracts
Payments to pay for invoices and contracts are done by issuing a college check. Supporting  documentation is required when requesting payments be made using student organization funds and typically come in the form of an invoice or a contract. An invoice is usually issued for merchandise of some kind where payments for non- IC students providing professional services always require a contract.

In order for recognized student organizations to make any payments, please submit a Spending Request Form and upload  contracts or invoices and submit all materials to the Office of Student Engagement. Spending Request Forms not submitted by the organization's treasurer will not be processed. All Spending Request Forms must be submitted at least two weeks before the date needed and must be submitted by the last day of classes each semester.

Student organizations that need a contract to pay a non-IC student for an upcoming event are required to contact the Associate Director of Student Involvement in OSE as soon as possible. Student or advisors are not authorized to sign a contract on behalf of a student organization. The Associate Director of Student Involvement will aid the organization with managing the contract negotiations and signing for the agreed terms.It is important to plan ahead when requesting payments for professional services.