All student organizations will go through the process of transitioning officers throughout their time as an organization. It is critical to be proactive about this process to maintain long-term success for the organization. The transitioning process gives the new officers the opportunities to learn from the previous officers about their position and responsibilities.

A successful officer transition should consist of:

  • A shared continuity between the previous officers, the group goals, and progress as a student organization.
  • The transferring of important documents, information, and “inside scoop” from the old E-board.
  • Reinforce productive communication between all of the officers (old and new).
  • A positive and supportive environment for all students to thrive in.

The Office of Student Engagement has created a Transition Guide for your organization to use. This can be used as an outline/template for a transition binder each of the positions on your board should make. In addition to this guide, please consider the following to add to your organization’s transition binders:

  • Group history (members, past executive board, accomplishments, events, budgets, etc.)
  • Constitution and By laws – These need to be updated every academic year and should be reviewed and edited accordingly.
  • Group information (passwords, members, etc.)
  • Calendar with important dates from OSE, SGC, RHA, etc. and important dates for your student organization.
  • Important points of contact for your organization (CES, SGC VP of Business and Finance, Mary Holland-Bavis, your advisor, etc.)